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Factory Tour
Raw materials

Raw materials suppliers of our HDPE pipe and fittings:
Borealis (HE3490LS), Sabic(P6006), Lyondellbasell(CRP100), etc.
Raw materials suppliers of PPR pipe and fittings:
HYOSUNG, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited(YGH041), China National Petroleum Corporation(100S), etc.

Injection-molded area

HDPE pipes production lines
There are 14 PE pipe extruding lines.

PPR Pipes production lines
There are 3 PP-R pipe production lines.

Pipe fittings production lines
Our factory is equipped with 10 injection molding machines.

Mechanical processing and forging area

Forging equipment
Our workshop is equipped with dozens of large forging equipment.

Digital controlled lathe
Our company possesses hundreds of digital controlled lathes in factory.

Final products

We maintain sufficient inventory year round to meet all of the demands of our customers.

Laboratory testing
  • Electronic universal testing machine
  • Carbon black content tester
  • Moisture tester
  • DSC different scanning calorimeter
  • Static hydro tester

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