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Drinking Water Supply
Drinking Water Supply

Drinking water is directly related to public health, and water is quite easily contaminated by biological or chemical pollution. Therefore, it is a significant decision to choose the right water pipes. There are three conditions to be qualified as drinking water pipes:
1. Anti-leakage and anti-permeability: Drinking water pipes have to be isolated from outer pollution sources.
2. Corrosion and aging resistance: These pipes are buried underground or exposed to the atmosphere, so they need longer durability with higher corrosion and aging resistance.
3. Pressure resistance: Many water supply systems have adopted high pressure pumps so that water pipes have to support the rated pressure.

A qualified water pipe has to meet these three conditions, and all our HDPE or PP-R pipes are your ideal pipes since they are light weight, corrosion and aging resistant, pressure resistant and have extraordinary durability of more than 50 years.

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