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Founded in 2005, Zhejiang Jinyu Fengye Pipe Industry Co. is a specialized manufacturer of plastic pipe products. With a highly efficient production facility located in Zhuji City, we provide customers with industrial HDPE water supply pipes, industrial gas pipes, drinking water pipes, and a while selection of pipe fittings. Our products are high-quality, provide long service life and are priced very competitively.

Major products we provide
Our core product line is made up of HDPE plastic pipe, PP-R pipe, aluminum plastic composite pipe, and a complete range of pipe fittings, including brass fittings.

We have introduced two product brands to meet the various needs of our customers: FengYe and Qianyu
The FengYe brand includes PP-R water supply pipes, aluminum plastic composite pipes, brass press fittings, brass compression fittings, brass manifolds, brass water divide halves, and much more.
Qianyu brand products consist of HDPE water supply pipes, gas pipes, and PP-R pipes and fittings.

1. PE water supply pipe is widely used in municipal water supply systems, pipe repair, agriculture irrigation, industrial water treatment and many other demanding applications.
2. PPR Pipe(Polypropylene Random Pipe) is commonly used in commercial and residential cold and hot water supply systems, heating systems, drinking water supply, and industrial pipe systems for transporting or discharging chemicals.
3. PE gas pipe is specially designed for industrial and commercial gas transportation.
4. Brass fittings are mainly applied to domestic water pipes, gas pipes and underfloor heating systems.

Why to choose us?

1. High-quality raw materials
Our raw materials are purchased from trusted suppliers and all materials are strictly tested under our highly advanced quality control tests according to relevant standards and specifications. Our raw materials suppliers of HDPE pipe and pipe fittings consist of Borealis (HE3490LS), Sabic (P6006), and Lyondell basell (CRP100).

The raw materials suppliers for our PPR pipe and fittings are HYOSUNG, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited (YGH041), and China National Petroleum Corporation (100S).

2. Processing capacity
We employ various production lines for the manufacturing of our wide selection of pipes and fittings. There are 14 PE pipe extruding lines, 3 PP-R pipe production lines, and 1 aluminum plastic composite pipe production line. Our factory is equipped with 10 injection molding machines and dozens of large forging equipment, which can meet the requirement of various specifications and die sinking with customized brand products.

Each of our production lines is fully-automatic, running with a high production efficiency. The output is more than 50000 tons of plastic pipes and fittings and 30000 tons of brass fittings every year. Additionally, customers can monitor the production process and schedule. Our company is the only drafter of the national standards of CJ/T110-2000 Holding-inserting model pipe joints and CJ/T111-2000 Polyethylene aluminum polyethylene composite pipe bite type copper tube fitting.

3. Advanced quality control equipment
We are also equipped with a series of highly advanced quality testing machines, including melt flow rate instruments, DSC different scanning calorimeters, moisture testers, electro thermal constant-temperature dry boxes, electronic universal testing machines, carbon black content testers, charpy impact testers, and static hydro testers.

4. Sufficient inventory
We maintain a large inventory of products and components in order to keep up with the demands of customers year round.

5. Professional certification
We have acquired ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, CE Export Certification, Chinese Environmental Labeling Product Certification.

FengYe products are sold in Russia, Poland, Armenia, Latvia, throughout the Middle East, Ukraine, The Philippines, and Malaysia.

ZheJiang JinYu FengYe Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd

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