Brass Manifolds

The brass manifold has multiple output ports for fluid distribution to a wide range of pipe sizes. Applicable to for air, water or hydraulic oil. Can be customized to meet a variety of installation manners.

Material: Brass

Brass manifolds with ball valves

Supplied as a single manifold, made of plated brass. Valves allow each circuit to be isolated. Order adaptors separately for connection to Fengye multi-layer pipe. Manifold can be joined to make the required number of port.

Model: FS5-3/4-1/2*2, FS5-3/4-1/2*3, FS5-3/4-1/2*4, FS5-1-3/4*2, FS5-1-3/4*3, FS5-1-3/4*4

Connector core

Made of plated brass, for connecting manifold and multi-layer pipe, with detachable screw fitting.

Model: F1-C1014*1/2, F1-C1014*3/4, F1-C1216*1/2, F1-C1216*3/4, F1-C1418*3/4, F1-C1620*3/4, F1-C2025*1

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