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Polypropylene Random Pipes and Fittings

PPR is an excellent pipe material due to its light weight, ductility, non-toxic chemical properties, and installation convenience. To date, we have provided PPR pipes in a wide range of caliber diameters from 20mm to 160mm in several colors for your choice. Other than PPR pipes, we can also produce PPR pipe fittings for easier installation.

Zhejiang Jinyu Fengye Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. has over 10 years of experience in PPR pipe manufacturing, and is equipped with 3 PPR pipe extrusion lines and 10 injection molding machines for a maximum pipe and fittings capacity of 500,000 tons per year. We only using fresh raw materials instead of recycled or wasted PPR material for product quality assurance.

Why PPR pipes are perfect drinking water supply pipes?
There is no need to worry about water pollution or water contaminants as PPR is an environmentally friendly plastic with excellent chemical stability. Therefore, pipes made from PPR are non-toxic and free from scaling or bacteria buildup.

The thermal conductivity of PPR is only 1/200 of steel pipes, which results in less heat loss during transportation.

In addition to extremely low thermal conductivity, PPR pipes are also highly temperature resistant. We have performed temperature experiments where the water temperature was heated to 95 ℃ and the water pressure was increased to 4.8MPa (0.35MPa for normal drinking water supply system). Our PPR pipe maintained the same performance after 2 hours and could work 1000 hours continuously without any performance change when the water pressure is lowered to 3.5MPa.

PPR pipes have light weight which allows easier transportation and installation. It only takes a few seconds to complete a joint connection if using the hot fusion connection method, which is convenient and also better sealing results than other splicing methods.

Overall, that is why PPR pipes are the best perfect material for drinking water supply systems.