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HDPE Piping System(High Density Polyethylene Pipes and fittings)

We supply high quality HDPE pipe and fittings which are widely applied to municipal water supply pipe, building water supply pipe, underground drainage pipe, agriculture irrigation pipe, old pipeline maintenance, gas supply pipe and so on. We provide a wide range of HDPE pipes with diameter range of 20mm to 1200mm. The relevant fittings of pipe including of straight bore, elbow, three direct links, and valves are all manufactured in our factory. For more than 10 years’ experience of supplying water pipes, we know the demands of customers and do our best to provide best solution for you.

What is HDPE pipe?
HDPE pipe, short for high density polyethylene pipe. It is good to use PE materials in outdoor corrosion resistant pipes due to its high intensity density ratio, corrosion resistance and compressive strength. At the same time, PE materials are nontoxic, odorless and can be used in drinking water supply pipes.

About HDPE pipe raw materials we provide
PE pipes we provide are divided into PE80 and PE100 two types according to the internationally common raw materials division principles. Raw materials are purchased from trustworthy suppliers like Borealis HE3490LS, SABIC P6006, Basel CRP100 and Sinopec, ensuring the safety and reliability of the materials!

HDPE pipe performance
Low temperature resistance: HDPE pipe's embrittlement temperature is -70 degrees Celsius. Usually in the construction environment at -30 degrees Celsius, you do not need to take any measures on the pipes, the operation is very convenient.

Long service life: PE100 pipe can be used for at least 50 years at 20 degrees Celsius.

Flexible installation: HDPE pipe can be easily laid on slopes.

Easy welding: In the field installation process, we can provide matching pipe fittings, using the universal welding tools can achieve easy construction and assembly.

Corrosion resistance: acid resistance and alkali resistance, suitable for the laying of groundwater pipes.

Light weight: One of the most important features of HDPE pipe is its light weight. About eighth the weight of the steel pipes, so it is easy for transportation and construction.

Application recommendation
Due to its low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and easy for construction, HDPE materials can be widely used in municipal water supply pipelines, agricultural irrigation water pipes, flood irrigation (pump suction pipes), sprinkler irrigation pipelines (crops, lawns, golf course, garden), residents drinking water pipes, drains, gas supply pipelines and so on.

HDPE pipeline safety test
First of all, our factory is able to provide our customers with online monitoring of our production processes and production schedules. We will test the finished products before they leave the warehouse and issue a report. And that finished products can also be sampled to third-party professional testing agencies for testing.

Technical Parameters of QIANYU HDPE Water Pipes
S/N Item Requirements

PE80 PE100
1 Hydrostatic strength for 20℃(Hoop stress9.0 Mpa,100h) Hydrostatic strength for 20℃(Hoop stress 12.4 Mpa,100h) No leakage or damage
2 Hydrostatic strength for 80℃(Hoop stress 4.6 Mpa,165h) Hydrostatic strength for 80℃(Hoop stress 5.5Mpa,100h) No leakage or damage
3 Hydrostatic strength for 80℃(Hoop stress4.0 Mpa,1000h) Hydrostatic strength for 80℃(Hoop stress 5.0Mpa,1000h) No leakage or damage
4 Breaking elongation rate, % Breaking elongation rate, % ≥350
5 Longitudinal shrinkage rage(110℃),% Longitudinal shrinkage rage(110℃),% ≤3
6 Oxidation inducement time (200℃),min Oxidation inducement time (200℃),min ≥20
Technical Parameters of QIANYU HDPE Gas Pipes
S/N Performance Unit Requirement Testing parameter Testing method
1 Hydrostatic strength h Damage time≥100 20℃(hoop stress)PE80 PE100 9.0Mpa 12.4Mpa GB/T6111-2003
Damage time≥165 80℃(hoop stress)PE80 PE100 4.5Mpa 5.4Mpa
Damage time≥1000 80℃(hoop stress)PE80 PE100 4.0Mpa 5.0Mpa
2 Breaking elongation rate % ≥350
3 Full Scale (FS) test: Dn≥250mm or S4 test. It is applicable to all diameters Mpa Critical pressure of Full Scale test: PC, FS≥1.5XMOP Critical pressure of S4 test: PC, S4≥MOP/2.4-0.072 0℃ ISO13478: 1997 GB/T19280-2003
4 Resistance to slow growth Crack.en>5mm h 165 80℃, 0.8Mpa (test pressure) 80℃, 0.92Mpa (test pressure) GB/T18476-2001
5 Thermostability (OIT) Min >20 200℃ GB/T17391-1998
6 Melt flow rate (MFR) g/10min MFR before and after processing<20% 190℃,5kg GB/T3682-2000
7 Longitudinal shrinkage rage % ≤3 110℃ GB/T6671-2001
8 Density Kg/m2 940-960 23℃ GB/T1033-1986